A calculator used around the world in Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Australia.
  myTenKey - The Ultimate Accountant's Calculator Ten Key Calculator Tape

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Now Fully
with XP/2000!


Did you know?

"myTenKey" was formerly known as Compute!

We plan to continue building on Compute's great reputation as the most realistic and useful ten key available.
W i n d o w s    X P / 2 0 0 0    C o m p a t i b l e !

Just like your ten key!

  • Have more room on your desk!

  • Correct errors in your tapes!

  • Easy to take on the road!

  • Copy to your Spreadsheet
    or Word Processor!

  • Adapts to international number formats!

  • More functionality!

Designed for the office professional by a CPA, myTenKey is the most authentic desktop calculator available.

If you use a ten key desktop calculator, you will love myTenKey!

myTenKey includes:

* An authentic look and feel - We believe you will begin to reach for "myTenKey" instead of the one on your desk.

* A sizable and realistic adding machine tape that can be printed, saved, or copied to your favorite program.

* An option that allows a tape to be edited and re-entered again without changing the original tape. - Great for those long, sometimes typo-filled, tape runs.

* A conversion calculator. - For those hard to remember conversions.

* A fraction calculator. - For difficult fraction calculations.

* A tray icon and hot key - For quick access.

It's all here. Download your copy today.
  Ten Key in normal mode
myTenKey shown in Normal Mode. You can also
hide the keys and resize the tape.

myTenKey is a Trademark of Executive Technology Solutions
Copyright 2000, All Rights Reserved