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Did you know?

"myTenKey" was formerly known as Compute!

We plan to continue building on Compute's great reputation as the most realistic and useful ten key available.
Important Notices
Please take note of the issues below. This section is updated when significant issues are discovered.

  1. Version 4.5.9/10 - 3/23/03
    Notable fixes were made to the most recent version 4.5.9 and 4.5.10. In 4.5.9, a floating point error that is a documented issue with Visual Basic was alleviated. In 4.5.10, the code has been restructured for an undocumented compatibility issue with XP operating systems. Now XP is fully supported.

Make a Suggestion or Report a Bug.
Please help us make myTenKey an even better product. We will do our best to put each item into the next release.

It's our goal to make myTenKey the best ten key software ever.

Please email suggestions to support@mytenkey.com.

Current Suggestions Received:
  1. Note: Many features were added to version 4.5 thanks to your requests!

  2. 7/19/2001 - Would you consider adding financial functions to myTenKey as well as date arithmetic and a scientific calculator?

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