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Did you know?

"myTenKey" was formerly known as Compute!

We plan to continue building on Compute's great reputation as the most realistic and useful ten key available.
What's New!
What's New in Version 4

Build 4.5.11 - 5/08/06 (Minor update)
  • Correction was made to conversion calculator. Result was 0 when calculation resulted in a number greater than 15 digits. Revision rounds result before addressing maximum digit limit.

  • Tax calculation was adjusted so the Tax key acts as a plus key when hit the second time in a row.

Build 4.5.10 - 3/23/03 (Minor update)
  • Updates were made to correct an undocumented compatability issue with XP operating systems. Now MyTenKey works great with XP.

  • A message box was removed that asked the user to confirm that they wish to clear the tape (per user request).

Build 4.5.9 - 11/30/02 (Minor update)
  • Updates were made to remove errors that existed when a workstation had no printers installed.

  • The documented floating point calculation problem that is seen in Visual Basic was alleviated.

  • Note - An additional version is planned in the first half of 2003. It will include a few of the suggested features I have received during 2002. Thank you all for your suggestions!

Build 4.5.8 - 3/24/02 (Minor update)
  • MyTenKey now works with international formats such as "9.999,00". The program uses the settings in your Windows Regional Settings. It will also utilize the comma key on European keypads so it can be used like a true ten key calculator.

Build 4.5.6 - 2/5/02 (Minor bug fix / feature update)
  • Updated code to work better with Windows XP and Windows 2000. There was a conflict with how sounds were interpreted in the newer operating systems.

  • Added an option that will switch the '+' and the 'Enter' key on input. Some users found it easier to use the 'Enter' key for addition.

  • Added a new print option that allows you to specify a different printer than your default printer to print your tapes. It will remember the specified printer so you only have to set it once.

Build 4.5.3 - 9/10/01 (Minor bug fix)
  • Fixed edit tape screen. Previously did not allow a user to insert a function without causing an error.

  • Added clear (C) to the functions that can be inserted while editing a tape.

Build 4.5.2 - 9/5/01 (Minor feature update/bug fix)
  • Great improvements were made in copying tapes to other programs via the clipboard. Now Microsoft Word and other word processors can receive your tape calculations with a professional layout. Also includes enhanced support for spreadsheets and other business applications using the HTML and RTF formats.

  • Printing multi-columns is now possible with the enhanced copy to clipboard feature. You can easily copy the tape to Microsoft Word and print a multi-column tape from there. It only takes a few seconds.

  • The TAX key now allows for reverse sales tax calculations. By using a negative percent you can back into the original sale amount from an invoice total.

  • Small bug fix that related to editing Tax, Markup, and Discount functions.

  • Other small fixes.

     A special thanks to Joe LeVasseur, Microsoft Developor MVP and
     Author of Yankee Clipper III. http://www.yankee-clipper.net.
     Joe, thank you for your help with the clipboard code.

Build 4.5.1 Beta - 8/31/01 (Major feature update/bug fix)
  • A tape advance key has been added.

  • New hotkey functionality! Now you can bring up and hide myTenKey by the press of a button.

  • The indicators M and GT that show when a value is being held in memory have been enhanced. Simply move your mouse on top of the M or the GT and the current value in memory will appear.

  • The logo shown at startup in the banner bar can now be changed by the user.

  • The menu bar can now be accessed using the Alt key. Accelerator keys have also been added so you can navigate the menu's easier without a mouse.

  • The memory keys M+ and M- now function closer to a real ten key.

  • DSC, TAX, and MU keys have been improved. You can store a default rate for each calculation or you can enter a different value as you go.

  • The process of saving and loading tapes have been greatly improved. In version 4.5 loading a tape loads all memory totals that get you back to the same point when you saved the tape.

  • The rounding slider is now functional on the Control Center that allows you to choose to have calculations rounded up, down or use the standard 4/5 convention. Also corrected rounding problems that existed in prior versions.

  • A cursor has been added to the tape to show the position where the next number will print.

  • The key sounds for the numbers have been reinstated as an option.

  • Subtotal Key fix. In the prior version, pressing the subtotal key in the middle of entering a new number would display the partially entered number instead of the subtotal of the current calculation. This has been corrected.

  • Auto loading a tape has been changed. Instead of loading a tape called 'auto.tpe', you can select to have the program auto save any tape that you are currently working in. Another option tells myTenKey to reload this tape automatically when the program is run again in the future.

  • Other small fixes...

Build 4.0.9 - 5/7/01 (Free Minor bug fix)
  • Removed error that occured when saving a tape.

  • Corrected certain conversion calculations in the Conversion center.

  • Improved 'Check for Update' feature.

  • Other small fixes...

Build 4.0.8 - 5/5/01 (Free Major Feature Update!)
  • Tape editing! Now you can edit and rerun portions of your tape if you need to correct a long tape run. Very flexible feature.

  • Copying to clipboard has been enhanced to include copying only selected parts of the tape. More importently, it copies the information in separate columns so you can easily manipulate the numbers in a spreadsheet.

  • Formatting using HTML has also been added to give a professional appearance when pasting into a spreadsheet.

  • A Banner Bar has been added to subtly present help tips and custom notes.

  • Small interface changes were made to ensure functionality matched a standard ten key.

  • The sounds, general usability, look and feel, and default settings have been modified to help make new users feel comfortable with using ten key on the computer.

  • Speed has been improved by removing sounds for each number pressed and by redesigning the use of the wav files.

What was New in Version 3.5
  • Added Print Setup options to give user more control of printout.

  • Added Print in Column Mode Option (Microsoft Word 2000 required).

  • Added option to check internet for updates to help user keep up with upgrades.

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